Aliya Zafar is an interdisciplinary artist exploring the ethereal qualities of interconnectivity through light and shadow. Her studio practice combines glass, digital media, and lighting, while merging elements of contemporary design with the powerful poetics of fine art. Her works manifest as installations, sculptures, and video. Growing up Aliya was trained in ballet and modern dance. This discipline gave her an outlet to explore fluidity and movement which informs how she views the human experience and our existence in space.

While pursuing her BFA at the Rhode Island School of Design, Aliya found hot glass, a time based material capable of vivacious manipulation. This medium acts as a vehicle for her to explore motifs through luminosity and abstract ideas about reinterpreting realities. Ms. Zafar is invested in sharing her curiosity of material and process with students. A consummate teacher, she has guided students at institutions such as: Corning Museum of Glass, Governor School of the Arts, Old Dominion University and RISD.

Currently, Aliya is enrolled in the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio Assistantship Residency Program in Norfolk, Virginia.




Instagram: a_zafar